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From Our Clients

“When I brought my very independent mother in to purchase a walker, I expected it to be a challenge.  I was so wrong!  Kudos to the staff for the patience and kindness that they showed my mom.  She absolutely loves her new walker!”

“I stopped by your store to purchase a shower chair for my dad and didn’t realize how many different items you carried.  I was thrilled to find diabetic socks for my husband AND ankle support for our son who plays soccer!”

“I tell all of the residents at my new home about your store!  It really is a treat for us to come in and browse, whether it’s for a hammer toe cushion, a new pill box or a walker bag.  We really enjoy the variety.”

“I have been a customer for many years.  How nice it is to be greeted with a smile, and the staff is always so helpful!  It’s actually a pleasure to come in and buy medical supplies!”

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